Terms and conditions:

The following Terms and Conditions are applied to all our quotations however some specific T&Cs are mentioned in each quotation which are prior to these T&Cs if different. 

1.     Our quotations are valid for 30 days from the date issued unless mentioned different in the specific quotation you receive. We do not revalidation or extension via email or verbally. If quotation is expired, please request for updated quotation.

2.     Total Price is valid for total quantity, and you need to get revalidation if you want to order in different quantity. 

3.     Unless issue a revised PO and both sides (SPINEL Solutions Inc. and Client) agreed, no abandonment, waiver, holding, cancellation, modification, extension, splitting or any changes like quantities are applied to client’s purchase orders.

4.     Order based on Stock availability is based on first order first pick up. E can not book stock items for later order activation. Unit price of quotation are based on Ex-work our warehouse unless mentioned different in our quotation and delivery charge will be extra upon your request, transport means and your destination.  

5.     Promising delivery date at quotation is based on the information we have when quotation is issued. We are not responsible for delay cause by our sub-suppliers, sub-manufacturer, sub-contractors, shipping agents or any other party is involved, and it is not under control of our company. Some other environmental and local or national regulations like bad weather transportation cancellation are also cause of delays that we are not responsible for them. Meanwhile we will notify our clients any delay as soon as we are informed or expect some delays and keep updating customer with new schedule for delivery time. 

6.     Purchaser shall check, verify and inspect any Goods/Service upon 24 hours of receipt and inform us if they see any damage, deviation on part number or quantity, non-conformity. We will replace wrong materials of repair or maintenance is not to applied delivered goods. Client’s can revoke our services with 2 weeks if they are not satisfied by resealable evidence on failure on our services as per our contract. No return policy is applied to goods we sell unless we agreed on return of goods, approved return goods conditions and accepting of 25% restocking charge by client.  

7.     Our Warranty and Guarantee are exact as Warranty and Guarantee terms of our manufacturers, sub-suppliers for reseller products. For goods we manufacturer or assemble our standard warranty terms are 1 year after shipment unless mentioned different on product label or our quotation. 

8.     Client is responsible for compliance of our quotation with their inquiry, Specification, application, project requirement and any other client’s need. We are responsible to deliver goods and service as we mentioned in our quotation. Our quotation is prior to products catalog and manual or any online information. We are not responsible for failure of our Goods and Services due to client in house storage condition and transportation, Wrong installation or commissioning, Operation malfunction, Environment changes like very hot or cold atmosphere, Poor knowledge of operators or maintenance team, Utility failures(Power, Water, Air, etc.) or any changes on conditions are different with data provided at quotation stage. 

9.     SPINEL Solutions has right to accept POs and we send Order confirmation as sign of accepting order with updated information on delivery term, pricing, etc. In case of contract, signing of contract by both sides and performing of activation contract terms are required for contract activation. 

10.   We can terminate the purchase order or our contract in case of not performing contract conditions as agreed, purchaser failure on payment at           invoice due date, Bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency , proceeding of collection agencies as cause of debt, Goods become subject to any levy or     attachment. 

11.   Payment terms are always mentioned in our quotation. If not, our payment term would be 100% in advance when found is received and accessible in   company bank account without any condition or holding terms. Any late payment is subject for delay payment penalty 1.5% per month. We follow all   Canada Tax regulations are applied to us and our client and any exemption should be approved by us before PO activation. 

12.  Purchaser are responsible to follow rights of Intellectual Property (IP) for the products and services they buy including Patents, Design, Technology   and Know-how, Copyright, Branding, Name and Trademarks, Software Licenses. If purchaser decide to resell of products, they need to get permission   in case any change on branding, labelling, name, trademark, color, design, technology, software license.  

13.   Purchaser is full responsible for all applicable import and export control laws, in any jurisdiction, relating to the Goods and Services but not limited     to, customs duties, regulations, taxes. Purchaser shall follow all export limitations not only as per Canadian laws but also for original manufacturer   policy and their countries laws.  

14.     We are committed to Ontario and Canada jurisdiction and laws for any complain is raised by client. in case of any